Gary Whitta is probably one of the most visible and accessible Star Wars writers on the internet right now. He is always interacting with people on Twitter, sometimes in a political manner, but not always, he is featured weekly on The Guild’s Among Us games alongside Felicia Day and other members of The Guild TV series, and he also has his own stream where he plays a variety of games multiple times a week.

If you are lucky, you will sometimes find Gary sharing some Star Wars nuggets and behind the scenes goodies from his time on Rogue One and other parts of the franchise. Today, Gary shared some of the alternate titles that he proposed to LucasFilm for Rogue One.

It was interesting that Rogue One was a last minute addition to the list, and while The Rise of Whitta was definitely thrown in for fun, it actually did shadow The Rise of Skywalker in an odd way.

Ultimately, LucasFilm decided to go with Whitta’s suggestion of Rogue One and the rest is history.

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