It now appears as if the Game of Thrones duo, D.B. Weiss and David Benioff, may not be writing all three of their planned Star Wars films after all. Who knows if this is legit, but The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that their deal has slightly changed.

Apparently, they will still write a treatment for all three movies, but they may end up only writing one of the films by themselves. It’s unclear if they will pen all three movies now, which was the initial deal.

Who knows if this is a reaction to the much complained about final season of Game of Thrones, or the fact that these two also just inked a mega deal with Netflix, but there are enough reports out there to hint that this move may be legit.

Quite frankly, I like what I’m hearing. First off, having the same writers create the treatment for the trilogy is a good start. That way we won’t get into the mess of the Sequel trilogy and its narratives being written by multiple different people with no guiding elements for the trilogy as a whole. Secondly, I’m fine with these two only fully writing one film, especially after GoT S8. That season was a mess, and I blame the Duo, so having some other writers to help shape their trilogy could be a great injection of ideas.

It’s still not clear if their trilogy, or Rian Johnson’s will debut first, but those details will be worked out over time, so stay tuned to SWT.


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