According to a new THR report, Disney and Lucasfilm are planning to finally drop some news about the state of the Star Wars movie universe during Star Wars Celebration 2023, which is being held in London this April.

It’s been over three years since the last Star Wars movie hit theaters, and with many false starts and cancelled projects in between, fans probably still won’t trust much of what is said at Celebration this year, but maybe Disney’s shifting strategies will give them hope.

Either way, Disney will be dropping its plans for Star Wars films this April, and the news may validate the Damon Lindelof rumored Star Wars project, or Taika Waititi’s, because it appears Patty Jenkins’ Rogue Squadron is still in limbo.

For a summary of the full article, check out our AI author’s thoughts below:

Disney is slowing down its output of some of its biggest franchises, including Marvel and Star Wars, as the company aims to “curate” its content that has become “extraordinarily expensive.” This directive to rein in costs and output is expected to affect Marvel, which is Disney’s most important supplier of product and has the highest output of all Disney subsidiaries. In contrast, Star Wars is facing the opposite challenge, with Disney ramping up its efforts to return the franchise to theaters. This pullback on Disney+ comes amid an industry-wide shift in rethinking the best way to achieve profitability in streaming, as every studio and streamer is being forced to behave fiscally responsibly.

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