It appears that another familiar face will be on display in the Andor Disney Plus series, because thanks to an interview with Stellan Skarsgard, he revealed that he shared scenes with Forrest Whitaker while working on the series.

Stellan was talking with a Swedish radio station when he dropped the news, and said that he shares a “juicy scene” with Forrest, who we knows plays Saw Gerrera. This character hasn’t been tied to the show up until this interview, so hopefully Stellan doesn’t get in any trouble. With that being said, having Saw in a Rogue One prequel makes a ton of sense, so while the confirmation is a surprise, the inclusion of the character is not.

Apparently Stellan’s characters has “at least two good moments” with Saw Gerrera, so one has to wonder what faction Stellan’s character will be on. I’m guessing the bad guys and he and Saw get into it a bit, but he could also be some sort of Rebel sympathizer, or another cell leader. Either way, you can count on Saw Gerrera being a part of the Andor series now thanks to this interview.

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