Star Wars Resistance is currently on a break, as are most TV series these days, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up Kaz and the citizens of the Colossus quite yet. Last week it was revealed that Star Wars Resistance shorts would be airing while the main show was on its break, and now this week three new shorts have already been rolled out.

The three new shorts all star Flix and Orka, who are the junk dealers on the Colossus. They’ve appeared in a few of the main episodes, but never for more than a minute or so. Now, the salvage slangers are getting prime billing, as they are the main focus of each of the newly released Resistance shorts. 

In the first short, Flix and Orka take a queue from Jabba himself and use a trap door to take care of some thieves. It just goes to show you that you should never stand on anything that has a grate. Just don’t do it. 

In the other short, the two are given a chest full of awesome that Princess Leia herself would love. That’s because the chest is full of thermal detonators, her and Jabba’s negotiating device of choice. 

In the final new short, the two are joined by a pit droid from The Phantom Menace past. See what sort of trouble he causes below. 

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