As with all big cons and events, Star Wars Celebration has a ton of little things along the way to help keep the fans occupied and engaged with each other. One of those little activities is the official SW Celebration Pin Trading Program.

The Pin Trading Program will feature 3 sets of 4 pins each and each set has a limited supply. This is what makes the Pin Trading Program interesting. You can’t simply buy all of the pins, at least not easily, which means you will have to interact with other attendees to try to collect as many different pins as you can. Some people take the approach of buying multiples of one set of pins and using the extras a trade bait for new sets, while others just try to collect the ones they find the most interesting.

The first set of pins were revealed today and will release for online purchase on February 22nd.

If you are keen to get into the trading game, it’s probably a good idea to get your sets early so you are prepared to trade as soon as you hit the floor!

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