The first part of John Stratman’s 16-bit Super Star Wars overhaul of the excellent Vader Down comic book run from Marvel has dropped, and it’s as awesome as we predicted last week after the trailer dropped.

If you need a refresher, Stratman is remaking the Vader Down comic using 16-bit video game visuals from the Super Star Wars trilogy that came out for the SNES decades ago. The comic tells a story in which Vader blows away an entire Rebel squadron above the planet Vrogas Vas, and then after Luke crashes into him, he proceeds to take out a battalion of Rebel soldiers as if they were a bunch of bumbling morons.

Meanwhile, Luke is dealing with Aphra and her murder bots, so it’s just a great story overall. Not to mention the fact that it looks so rad in retro video game visuals form. It really makes me wish Nintendo pre-loaded the Super Star Wars games on the SNES mini, because while they were hard as fuck, they were still Star Wars games, and that made them just fine for my young self.

Check out the first part of 16-bit Super Star Wars: Vader Down above!

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