If you play Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, and you should if you love Star Wars, then you’re probably aware that the first ever Old Republic faction ship has just hit the game in the form of the Ebon Hawk.

The Ebon Hawk is piloted by Carth Onasi and T3-M4 in the game, so if you’ve been farming Old Republic characters for Jedi Revan, or the rumored Darth Revan, then you probably have these toons at a decent level for ship purposes. The ship itself is rated as a Support ship of the Cargo class, so it’ll be similar to other cargo ships like the Falcon and Ghost.

Starting today, players can score free Ebon Hawk shards in the game with any farming node in the Fleet Battles section of the game. The ship will probably one day be fully farmable in that section, or the Light or Dark Side nodes. Stay tuned for more SWGOH details!

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