The first actual Mando Monday event is now underway, and while the stream is still going, I can report to you that The Mandalorian has reached the level of licensed love that only the George Lucas-led films have achieved before. I’m talking you can buy anything these days that has some Mandalorian flair, so be careful if you get a little weak in the knees when you see things to collect to honor your new favorite Star Wars property.

In terms of the new reveals, I’m mostly sticking to the action figure scene, but trust me, there is something for everyone, so hit up the stream below, or head over to the official recap page to see all of the new Mando themed items you can buy.

Just be warned that you can’t pre-order any of this stuff until 4PM EST today!

Black Series

Alright, in terms of new Black Series figures we are now getting a deluxe Mando and The Child set, which features the first helmet-less Din figure to collect. It will also come with the Child’s ride, a tracker, and some beskar pieces. This one is a Target exclusive unfortunately, so good luck trying to nab one.

It also looks like there will be a 1/12 scale Scout Trooper and Speeder Bike set complete with the Child in his sack from the final episode of the first season. This will be an Amazon exclusive.

Vintage Collection and Retro

Surprisingly, Hasbro had more figures in its Vintage Collection and Retro line than the Black Series line, including the first Moff Gideon figure, which is a TVC collectible. The other new TVC is a Mando in full Beskar set complete with the Child and Beskar carrier.

The Retro collection is loaded with six figures based on character appearances from the first season.

All of these will be available for order today after 4PM EST, so head to the Mando Monday site to plan your link clicking strategies!

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