The first three episodes of The Bad Batch have shown up on some Disney+ menus, so naturally fans took screenshots of them for posterity. Among the captures you can see the episode titles, descriptions, and runtimes, so you do get a bit of a previews as to what is coming down the pike.

  • Bad Batch Episode 1 – Aftermath (75m): The clones of the Bad Batch find themselves in a changing galaxy after The Clone Wars
  • Bad Batch Episode 2 – Cut and Run (31m): The Bad Batch visit and old contact
  • Bad Batch Episode 3 – Replacements (28m): The Batch get stuck on a desolate moon

One thing of note is that the episode lengths are all over the place unlike The Clone Wars’ final season. This show, like Mando, has varied runtimes, which is a different approach than I thought this show would take. I for sure thought it would be a standard 23-minute episode kind of Star Wars cartoon, but it’s clearly not. We knew the premiere was going to be beefy, but as you can see, episodes two and three are also longer than 23-minutes, and they also don’t have the same runtimes.

It also appears that the Batch will run into Captain Rex in episode 2 as he would make sense as an old contact and we’ve seen him in the trailers already. I’m also still going with Crosshair making his heel turn in Episode 1, which will also see the Batch team up with Omega the little girl clone to keep her safe from the Empire. This in turn will cause Tarkin to hunt them down with Crosshair’s Imperial unit, and the likes of Fennec Shand.

We laid down some more predictions in yesterday’s show, so make sure to check out the episode!

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