It didn’t take long for Cam Sharpe to blow our Star-Wars-fan-art-loving-minds again, which is thanks to a series of Star Wars: Episode IX concept mockups he’s posted on Instagram over the past week.

They’re all fantastic and could definitely fool you into thinking they came from Lucasfilm’s marketing department, because that’s the type of quality you should expect from Sharpe. Although, out of the tree pieces, I have to say that his Finn in Resistance Pilot gear portrait is an absolute stunner. It just looks so righteous, and is a natural look for Finn. I would love to see Boyega rock this in the flick, but even if we don’t, we have Cam to thank for at least teasing what Finn could have looked like as a Resistance pilot.

Cam actually kicked off his Episode IX series of posts with an awesome concept portrait of Rose Tico as the Resistance’s Master Codebreaker, which is equally as awesome looking as the shot of Finn above.

Finally, he went deep with the below shot of Rey, who is dealing with a bleeding kyber crystal for one reason or another.

Make sure to give Cam a follow on IG, and also check out his online portfolio to see his other work.

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