When the old Star Wars Expanded Universe was reset Disney acquired the franchise from George Lucas, many lifelong fan wondered what would happen to their favorite characters and novels. The Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy Zahn was on the top of that list for most fans.

Not only were the books some of the best the EU had to offer, but their protagonist, Grand Admiral Thrawn, was a fan favorite. He was the an alien that worked his way to the highest possible rank in the Imperial navy despite all of the attempts to hinder his ascension. He was the perfect character to make fans root for the Empire, in a way.

Grand Admiral Thrawn in Star Wars Rebels

Luckily, both Thrawn and the Thrawn book series have been revived by Disney and Lucasfilm in the new EU. The first 2 books of the series, Thrawn and Thrawn: Alliances, are already available for physical and digital purchase, and we now know the title and release window for the final book. Thrawn: Treason is set to release in Summer 2019 and will feature out main character having to choose between his allegiance to the Empire or the Chiss Collective. This should be an interesting set up for what Thrawn’s future may hold, and it will be interesting to see if/how Zahn addresses Thrawn’s inclusion in the Star Wars Rebels cartoon series.

You can pre-order Thrawn: Treason now from Amazon or at your local bookstore.

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