The final Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker trailer dropped last night, and it was a doozy! I definitely shed a tear and got all funny feeling inside, and while a ton of footage was shown off, none of it really reveals anything in terms of major plot points.

With that being said, I still breakdown the major moments of the trailer while speculating on what the plot implications may be. I also point out a few Easter eggs here and there, and mention which scenes may confirm certain leaked plot points. Now I want to clarify here that I do not reveal the plot leaks, rather I mention that a trailer scene confirms a plot leak, but if you want details on said leak, you should go read them yourselves.

The trailer definitely confirms that a few of the major leaks from Reddit are turning out to be full of truths, so I DON’T recommend being a fool like myself and reading them, but if you must, I do at least now think they’re pretty spot on.

You can check out my full breakdown below in video or scripted formats.


Hey now Star Wars fans, Matt Heywood here from the Star Wars Time Show to breakdown the awesome final trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. 

I’ll be highlighting what I think are key moments while speculating on what we may be seeing, and how the scenes play into the overall plot. I’ll be going over a few Easter eggs that presented themselves, as well as commenting on trailer moments that confirm a few of the massive plot leaks that have shown up on Reddit. I will not expose the details of the leaks, but I will mention which scenes featured information from the leaks. Trust me, I hate myself for reading the leaks and want to drink more bleach, so I will protect you from the same fate. 

Alright, so the trailer opens with a shot of Rey running through a jungle, which is probably a secret Resistance base. You can see her battling a training droid, and just getting her Jedi training on like Luke did on Dagobah by parkouring through a jungle. 

We then here Finn say, “It’s an Instinct” as Rey uses the Force to jump over a large canyon, but then the trailer cuts to a shot of Rey jumping inside a massive steel structure, echoing scenes from TFA when she was scavenging a Star Destroyer. 

This is more than likely the inside of the Death Star, which we know she and the good guys find. It appears she’s exploring it for something, and if you read the leaks, then you know what that something is. 

Finn continues on and follows up with his quote by saying, “A feeling, the Force brought us together”. So he’s probably talking to Rey about their bond and their charge to save the galaxy. The trailer itself shows a shot of Finn using binoculars as he looks for something. The color tones hint he may be on Pasanna.

The trailer switches to a sweeping shot of Rey’s training run as the camera shows off more of what appears to be a secret Resistance jungle base. 

We then see a collection of Rebels, who may very well be on the same jungle planet, huddled around Poe as a voice over from Poe is saying, “We’re not alone”. You can see Lando, 3PO, Ackbar’s kid, and pretty much the whole Resistance in attendance outside of Leia, so I’m guessing this is Poe’s big rallying speech before they all head off for a final battle with the First Order, clearly after the passing of General Leia.

While Poe is talking about not being alone we get a shot of Rose, Dominic Monaghan’s character, and Lt. Connic. They appear to be on a Star Destroyer’s exterior in a battle, but more on that later. 

Poe continues his speech by saying, “Good people will fight if we lead them” and we get a hero shot of him, Finn, and Chewie standing next to Poe’s new Orange X-Wing, and then the trailer cuts to a Rebel Blockade runner taking off from the jungle planet. 

The action then shifts to a wide shot of Rey standing on the hull of the now sunken Death Star as she awaits her mortal enemy Kylo Ren. We hear Rey say, “People keep telling me they know me” as the camera pulls tighter on Rey we hear her say, “No one does”, referencing her Rey from Nowhere persona. 

Just then, we see a red glow emanating from the crashing waves, and we hear a voice over from Kylo seemingly responding to Rey’s statement by saying, “I do”. So there’s a good chance that this dialogue is in fact between the two, just not during the scene being shown of them fighting in the trailer.

The trailer now moves into some rapid cuts and we see what appear to be a floating ice fortress in space? I’m guessing this is in the Unknown Regions, and it’s possibly Palpatine’s hideout, but the fact that a ton of TIE Fighters are descending upon it could also hint that its a location that the Resistance is at as well. It could possibly be Kijimi, but I think that is supposed to be a full on planet. 

We then get a shot of what looks like a sith throne, in fact, it looks very similar to a McQuarrie sketch he did for Palp’s throne back in the day, so we’re just going with this being Palp’s new throne. Who knows, maybe this is in his secret lair and he’s had it for decades, but it’s very organic and kind of un-Palp like, but I guess you gotta work with what you got when you’re in exile for multiple decades. 

Speaking of Palp, we get a voice over for him that begins with, “Long have I waited”, so he’s clearly explaining his plans to someone like all villains do. I’m going with Kylo or Rey, or both. Based on the plot leaks I have a strong feeling of who he’s talking to, but I’ll leave it at that. 

As he’s saying this we see a star destroyer seemingly breaking free of ice, as if it were underwater for extended periods of time. This could be a shot of the Sith fleet coming to life in the Unknown Regions. Maybe the ships were frozen in place for a reason, or the harshness of the Unknown Regions required them to be protected that way, but it’s a cool shot none the less. 

Palp continues by saying, “And now, you’re coming together” as the trailer shows a massive gathering of Resistance ships, which look to be led by Lando and Chewbacca in the Falcon, but if you freeze for a minute, you can see all sorts of familiar ship designs, and a few familiar ships themselves. The Ghost is definitely in the shot, and if you poke around it looks like Han and Chewie’s old freighter is in there as well.

We also get a shot of the heroes loading into the Falcon, which I believe is an early scene, and they’re probably heading out to Pasanna based on the plot leaks, but I want go into why.

As the trailer lingers on Palp’s last statement we see another shot of Rey and Kylo’s fight on the outside of the Death Star. They’re both there for the same reason, which is covered in the leaks. 

We also see a massive explosion next to a Star Destroyer. It seems too small to be a planet blowing up, but it is very circular looking, so maybe it is in the distance. It’s that, or a huge ship getting decimated. 

Palp finishes his taunt by saying, “Is your undoing”, as we see a shot of Rey on a skiff riding out to the Death Star wreckage. If you’ve been following along, Palp is telling someone, more than likely Rey and Kylo, that he’s been waiting for a long time to return, and thanks to their coming together, they will now fail because it’s giving him what he wants. 

Now he could be referring to the Resistance banding together is the impetus for his return, but we know this dude, and he has to be talking to the two powerful Force users that he more than likely wants to manipulate for his own purposes. Again, look at the major plot leaks if you want more clarification on his intentions. 

From here we see a shot of Babu Frik working on C-3PO. This whole segment is fleshed out in the leaks, so I won’t go into why Babu is working on Golden Rod, but this trailer gives you a pretty huge hint that Frik’s operation may not leave 3PO the same. 

Things get emotional when Poe asks, “What are you doing there 3PO” to which he replies, “Taking one last look sir, at my friends”. Yeah, break out the tissues people, this is going to be a rough scene to watch, and you don’t even need to read the leaks to know that’s right. 

On a lighter note, you can see a B1 battle droid hanging on the wall to the right of 3PO.

In a tricky trailer edit, right after 3PO makes us all cry, we see a shot of R2 looking all excited, and he should be, because he’s finally back in a trailer! I’m guessing this is a very late scene, possibly a celebration one, or early on, because I still believe R2 will be up to some top secret shit in TROS. 

Of course there’s a patented Chewie roar featured!

We then see a shot of him, Poe, and Finn in what appears to be a First Order base or ship corridor. If you’ve delved into the plot leaks, then you know exactly what’s going on here, so again, they had plenty of hits that are being verified in this trailer. Proceed reading them at your own risk!

We get the Rey and Leia hug as we here Luke say, “Confronting fear it’s the destiny of a Jedi”. I’m thinking this may be early on, potentially during the same Rey training montage from earlier. In terms of Luke’s dialogue, I’m assuming at one point he and Rey have a heart to heart like he and Yoda/Ben used to, so he will probably lay down some motivation for her endgame in the film. 

As Luke’s quote ends we see BB-8 being a hero and igniting a smoke bomb to help him, Poe, and 3PO escape First Order pursuers on what appears to be Pasanna. 

The good guys are kicking ass and taking names as we get some action shots of the skiff and Lando and Chewie on the Falcon. 

The action moves to a space battle where we see a Y-Wing making an attack run on what appears to be one of the Death Star style weapons mounted on a Star Destroyer. 

Luke continues his speech by saying, “Your destiny”, which confirms he’s talking to Rey, and again, just like his own training, he’s giving Rey what she needs to hear to complete her destiny.

And now things just get nutty action wise. We see Finn, Jannah, BB-8 and a band of Resistance fighters on Orpak’s making a charge on what appears to be the exterior of a Star Destroyer, so it looks like we are going to have a ground battle taking place in the air on the outside of a Star Destroyer. I’m not sure how the science works, or if they’re in low orbit, but this sequence should be a spectacle to say the least. 

Now we get what I like to call a money shot, and it’s of Rey and Kylo in the Death Star throne room. The plot leaks definitely hint as to why they’re both here, and what they’re looking for, so again they’re turning out to be more true than not. Let’s just say this is going to be an epic showdown, and what that will lead to a few surprises and possibly a plot twist. 

As the trailer winds down we see Finn doing his REEEEYYYYYYYYY thing again. He appears to be with Jannah and he’s chasing after Rey on the Death Star wreckage, so it seems like Jannah may be on the planet that the Death Star is on. The plot leaks address this scenario too. 

Alright this next sequence offers up all sorts of questions, some of which are addressed in the plot leaks. First off, the room looks very good guy-ish, but it has hints of Imperial and First Order design, so I’m guessing this is Kylo’s new meditation chamber, but if so, it’s revealing that it’s so bright, almost implying his pull to the light. 

Secondly, they’re definitely destroying whatever Kylo had Vader’s helmet resting on, and I don’t think Kylo wanted it busted. It looks like they were fighting and Rey went for it for some reason. I have an idea based on plot leaks, but I will not scar your brain like I did mine in ruining most of TROS’s surprises. 

Finally, you can also see that she’s holding a dagger, which is heavily detailed in the plot leaks, so I’ll let you dig into what that thing is all about if you want, but the fact that it shows up here just confirms more of the leaks, and makes me hate myself even more for reading them. 

We then get another angle of the Resistance battle charge, confirming that they’re indeed fighting on the outside of a freaking Star Destroyer! If you look up you can also see a few Sith TIE Fighters zip past, as well as a B-Wing and an X-Wing. 

Kylo gets more screen time as he looks towards something. I’m thinking this could be late in the game because he looks somewhat together, so maybe he has new motivations driving him forward?

Alright, an Emperor-ish shot. From the angle you can’t tell much, but it’s clear that is him, but is he floating above Rey? He seems to floating towards her, or as if the throne had legs and is walking towards her. Think Darth Maul’s spider-legs, or something similar being used on the bottom of Palp’s throne to help him get around. He’s probably busted up pretty bad from his not death, and he’s old as space dust, so there’s a good chance he needs some mechanical assistance, much like his former apprentices Maul and Vader to get around. Oh the irony Palp! 

The trailer ends with a somewhat happy looking Rey, at least an emotional looking Rey, with her saber ignited close to her face as if she finally knows what to do, who she really is, or what her role in the galaxy finally is. Her calmness is accentuated by a voice over from Luke saying, “The Force will be with you”, but before he can end it, Leia comes in and finishes the “Always” for him, and then we all start sobbing. 

Few, that was powerful, so I’m hoping we do get a little Force Ghost Leia, or at least some Leia quotes from the beyond, because that’s some magic right there. 

Oh boy, what a trailer indeed. It showed off a ton without revealing anything, and if you aren’t an asshole like me and read the plot leaks, then I’m sure you’re dying to see what actually all of the footage means. 

Leaks knowledge or not, I think this finale is going to be epic beyond words, I just wish I could’ve experienced it all with a blank slate, but I opened the bottle of bleach and drank it, and now I’m paying the fanboy price for curiosity. I’m envious of you stronger willed fans. 

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