Making Star Wars continues to dribble out leaks for the Obi-Wan Kenobi series, and the latest teases the location where Kenobi and Vader will have their second throw down in the series. Two fights you say, why yes, we had the exclusive on that back in September!

As always proceed below at your own risk!

Sad Obi-Wan

Based on previous leaks, and Ewan himself talking about Obi-Wan’s state at the start of the show, Kenobi is a bad place. So much so, that MSW is reporting that when he reaches out to Qui-Gon, he gets no reply.

Apparently though, after he leaves Tatooine and goes on an adventure that will involve rescuing an iconic character, he starts to see how the galaxy is forming a resistance movement to the Empire. This starts to give him hope again.

Although, it sounds like even with some hope creeping back in he will not fair well against Darth Vader the first time they meet.

Motivated Obi-Wan

According to MSW, a re-energized and more prepared Obi-Wan will head off to face Vader again, and this time it will be on one of Mustafar’s moons! It’s also during this fight, in which Kenobi has his faith restored, that Qui-Gon’s voice will finally reach out to him, and as MSW reports, he will motivate him with words like Mick did for Rocky Balboa. Obi-Wan will have a renewed sense of hope, and he is determined to take Vader out because he now believes the light side can win again.

MSW concludes the report with a few details that confirm some speculation we dropped on the show about when Qui-Gon may appear to Kenobi, and it does sound like it’ll be in the closing moments as Obi-Wan looks to the future with hope now, and is ready and willing to become more powerful than Darth Vader could ever imagine.

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