Dave Filoni has updated his Twitter banner, and it’s causing us hardcore Star Wars fans to do a little weekend speculation. Why you may ask? Well, just look at the art and all shall be clear.

It appears that Captain Rex is with an older Ahsoka, sporting the same white robe we saw her in during the epilogue for Star Wars Rebels. I make the case below for Rex being in The Mandalorian with Ahsoka, if all of these rumors are indeed true, so check it out below.


Now Dave Filoni could literally just be switching up his Twitter banner with some old Star Wars Rebels concept art he had laying around, but based on the tone of the shot, and the fact that it looks more live action in nature than animated, has led a few of us to wonder if this is a tease for yet another Clone Wars character making their potential debut on The Mandalorian during its second season.

If you couldn’t tell by the image, the character in question is none other than Captain Rex, who seems to be riding some horse-like animal with an older Ahsoka tano.

Based on the rumors of live-action Ahsoka being a reality in The Mandalorian, this new art only adds fuel to that fire, while adding in more intrigue with the inclusion of Captain Rex. 

Having these two together during the time period Mando is set in makes complete sense too, as we know Rex is undeniably loyal to Ahsoka thanks to their past. 

I mean the fact that he’s going to save her from Order 66 because he removes his chip will only strengthen their bond, and we know they will be teamed up towards the end of The Clone Wars thanks to the Siege of Mandalore arc, and Rex being in what looks like a special battalion of Clones for Ahsoka to lead.

You also have all of their efforts together with the Rebellion, which only make the case that these two would still be rolling together after it even stronger. Rex did survive it by the way, and even took part in the Battle of Endor, so he is still around after the Empire fell.

I do think Dave is trying to tell us fans something with this art change, but he could very well be having fun during the global lockdown as well. 

Either way, the fact that this art even exists gives credence to a few live action Clone Wars characters showing up in The Mandalorian Season 2, and that would just make this show even more special for fans than it already is. 

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