Dave Filoni is making the press rounds this week to hype up the launch of the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and while talking to io9, he brought up Ahsoka’s TROS moment, and how fans assumed she must be dead because she was included.

Filoni was amused first and foremost that Star Wars fans care so much about a character he created for an animated series, but he was also quick to caution those who just assumed she was dead because her voice could be heard alongside other dead Jedi at the end of TROS when Rey needed their help to beat Palpatine.

He explained:

“I have to wonder with Star Wars fans. They seem to watch the movies but they don’t take all the lessons. They deal a lot in absolutes, which is very much a Sith thing. I remember in The Empire Strikes Back Luke speaking out through the force to Leia. Vader also does this at the end of Empire Strikes Back. There’s no absoluteness that these people are dead. I mean, some of them we know are dead.”

Dave Filoni – io9

He makes very valid points, Ahsoka doesn’t have to be dead to commune through the Force, but we naturally assumed as much since all of the other Jedi voices were from dead ass space wizards and witches. She’s also not technically a Jedi too, but that doesn’t ultimately matter when it comes to Force walkie talkie. Just ask Leia how she did it in ESB with no training at all.

Dave went on to tease that Ahsoka’s TROS moment has no impact on what he’s currently doing with the character, and depending on how you parse his quote, you could infer that he’s actively working with the character again for a new series — possibly a Rebels sequel — or that he’s speaking about what he did with her in the final season of The Clone Wars.

Decide for yourself:

“It doesn’t really have any big implications to what I’m doing with the character, to be honest. I just thought it was a really fun thing. I thought J.J. [Abrams]’s instinct to be so inclusive with all these various elements of Star Wars and characters [was great]. And I thought it would be a great thing for the actors involved to be a part of something that was just really this celebrating moment of the Star Wars saga. So I didn’t think of it in a literal story [way]. The film, to me, is like a different area.”

Dave Filoni – io9

Again, you can definitely take his comment and run with the notion that he is indeed working on some brand new fiction for Ahsoka, or that he’s referring to what he did with the character in the final season of TCW, but if I were a betting man he’s definitely working on a whole new series with her being a prominent character. The end of Rebels left too big of a cliff hanger with two major characters, and thanks to its epilogue, the table has already been set for Ahsoka and Sabine to head out in search of Ezra.

What say you? Is Dave getting cheeky with us and telegraphing a new Ahsoka starring series, or is he just referring to how he is going to close out her TCW narrative? Hit us up on IG using DMs or email, or drop a comment below to let us know your thoughts. Maybe we will talk about them on the next episode of the SWTS!

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