Spoilers for the latest episode of The Mandalorian and other warnings like that.

Yesterday’s episode of The Mandalorian was a great, but a tragic one thanks to the events that played out in its very short runtime. While it may have been a bit of a gut punch, it was also quite revealing for fans of Boba Fett, his Dad Jango Fett, and the latter’s history.

Thanks to a few lines spoken and a peek at Boba’s chain code, fans now know for sure a few things about the Fett family, which up until this point have been “Legends” tales at best, and nothing canon confirmed. For example, we now know for sure that Jango was a foundling and that he fought in the Mando Civil Wars. We also know for sure that Boba was never Mando anything, he is just a simple man and all that jazz.

Now, thanks to someone on Reddit, we also know a few more things about the Fetts that are now canon, and it comes from Boba’s chain code, which has been translated below.

As you can see, it appears that the chain code confirms that the Legends character Jaster Mereel, was indeed the real Mandalorian that adopted Jango and taught him the way, so one could say that this Legends character is now canon thanks to The Mandalorian. Concord Dawn was also the Legends planet that Jango was from, so that’s another score for the new canon.

Great stuff Dave and Jon!

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