Jon Favreau dropped a shot from the voice over room over at The Mandalorian’s production studios. In the shot, which doesn’t have a caption, one can see Thor: Ragnarok Director Taika Waititi recording dialogue and on the screen in front of him is IG-88.

This implies, to me at least, and most people with sight, that Taika will be voicing the iconic assassin droid that got famous for being in a background shot with Boba Fett in it. You have to love that we’ve propped up the Star Wars bounty hunters as if they played major roles in the classic films. Outside of Boba, the main bounty hunters literally just stood on the bridge of Vader’s ship, yet, thanks to their curious appearances, they’ve become some of the most memorable characters in all of Star Wars land.

I’m very interested to see how IG-88’s voice will be brought to life for Taika. I loved what he did with Korg, but I am wondering if he’ll drop the same accent for IG. Either way, I know he’ll make IG even cooler than he already is, so I can’t wait to hear him in action.

We should be getting more The Mandalorian details at Celebration, which will have a panel for the show.

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