These days it’s hard to tell Star Wars fan creations from official promotions, which is definitely the case with this new Skywalker Saga trailer from Alec Siegel on Twitter.

Disney and Lucasfilm tried their hands at doing a Skywalker Saga trailer with the D23 special look, but Siegel’s work is more impressive, and will leave you feeling emotionally drained if you love the Star Wars franchise.

It has a perfect score set to it, which helps amp up the emotional impact, but the way it cuts together the nine Skywalker Saga films is what makes it so magical. Scenes transition into perfect follow ups to show the mirrored nature of every trilogy, and it also expertly shows how the Skywalkers have greatly affected the galaxy for decades.

If you don’t get all funny feeling while watching this, then I hate to inform you that your Star Wars fandom is probably dead, and you should just move on, because whether you hate Disney Star Wars or not, it’s impossible to not get moved by this fan creation if you truly love Star Wars with every ounce of your soul.


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