[UPDATE] – A deal has been struck and it definitely was of the 11th hour variety, which our source did say could happen. We ran the insider information as it was reported, and while it didn’t fully pan out, the important detail of a possible miracle deal did come true, which means people are getting what they want across the board, and that’s a good thing.

According to our source who has spoken to insiders at Lucasfilm, the planned strike from the IATSE Union is inevitable, and productions will be wrapping across Lucasfilm studios as early as tomorrow, October 14th. If you’ve been paying attention to current productions taking place at Lucasfilm, that means The Mandalorian Season 3 shoot will be affected.

Our source has said that Lucasfilm is planning on at least a 90-day shutdown due to the strike, which affects 60,000 film and TV workers across the country. We were told that the only thing that would prevent this work stoppage would be akin to an 11th hour type of miracle, so while we trust our source, there is a sliver of hope that a deal can get struck before Lucasfilm has to shutdown its productions as soon as noon on the 14th of October.

When pressed on if this shut down would affect shows in post-production like Obi-Wan Kenobi and Andor, our source was unsure if Editors fall under the IATSE union. One would assume that certain post-production departments like VFX could be affected, but we can’t confirm if shows in post will be shuttered as well.

For now, it’s safe to say that The Mandalorian Season 3, unless a Hollywood-esque miracle plays out, will be shut down only a few weeks after filming began. If the strike goes for 90-days or more, then there could be potential for release delays across the board, but that is just speculation on our part, and nothing that was relayed to us.

One can only hope the 11th hour miracle occurs at this point, as it seems like the only option to avoid production delays.

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