The Mandalorian’s The Armorer has been one of the more mysterious and intriguing characters to follow in the series because of her stoicism, and because fans know nothing about her outside of the fact that she’s the detached leader of the Children of the Watch.

Her name hasn’t even been revealed, let alone her past, but it’s clear that in Season 3, she’s become a much more of a featured character, which hopefully means fans will start to learn more about her past and why she is the way she is.

Luckily, we’ve heard from a reliable contact some information about The Armorer in The Mandalorian Season 3, and while it’s nothing galaxy-shattering, it still adds a bit of full towards what may happen towards the end of the season for this character and Mandalorians in general.

Spoiler will be present below…

The Armorer’s New Clothes

UPDATE 4-12-23: After seeing The Armorer randomly sporting a jetpack in Episode 7 I reached out back to my contact to see what was up, and apparently I’m stupid, and a scene was cut from Episode 5 during the Pirate attack. Apparently she was to be seen using it when she takes out the Pirates in the tower, but it hit the cutting room floor, then randomly she’s seen wearing it in Episode 7.

I crossed wires with the Mandalorian celebration information below about Ragnar, when I first reported this leak. It now sounds to me like these were separate events, and the jetpack reveal got cut. I apologize for not reporting this information correctly.

According to one of our contacts, The Armorer will be given her jetpack and her blasters at some sort of big ceremony involving various Mandalorians. The ceremony has been described as celebratory, and will feature cheering foundlings all lined up for the special event.

UPDATE – We just recently learned that Ragnar, Paz’s son, will get his armor kit at this ceremony as well.

It was not made clear who gives her these items, or why this ceremony is taking place though, but if you read an old leak from MakingStarWars, this could very well be taking place at what he has described as a Purification ceremony for Mandalorians.

It’s up to you if you want to read the rest of his report, because it details other potential season finale moments, but in reading his report and comparing it with the information we recently received, I’m going to speculate that The Armorer gets her jetpack and blasters during this ceremony. This ceremony is more than likely one of the final steps the featured Mandalorian clans will take to reunite as a people once and for all.

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