We were sent some exclusive leaked shots of the Obi-Wan Kenobi set from L.A., and while the quality may be off, they do appear to show a structure that could very well be Ben Kenobi’s hut. Our source also mentioned that two people were being filmed for a scene, so if our guess is true, there’s a good chance Ewan was out there spitting some lines with another cast member. All hail the source!

At first your eyes may want you to think it’s the Lars Homestead, but after some careful nerd analysis, I just don’t think that’s possible based on the shape of the structure you see below, and the existing imagery we’ve seen of the Lars hovel.

Lars Homestead

The Lars house has a full dome roof, and doesn’t really feature any angular architecture like you can see in the blurry shots above, which is why it’s been ruled out.

Kenobi’s Hut

But if you compare it to existing shots of Ben Kenobi’s hut, then things start to line up a bit better. As you can see, Ben’s hut does have a dome on top of it, but it also has a rectangular roof. While the artist painting from A New Hope makes the hut appear larger than the one on set, I do believe we are looking at Kenobi’s hut above.

It’s also interesting to note that the volume isn’t being used for this set, rather it’s enclosed in a makeshift arena of cargo containers and what appears to be large blue panels for CGI to be added later.

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