We got another round of set pics for the Obi-Wan Kenobi series from our source, and while the quality is still rough, the images do show off that the outdoor arena-like set they’ve been using has been updated for a new shoot.

Just last week we featured exclusive shots of this set and what seemed to be Old Ben’s hut, so the production is definitely in full swing if that one has been torn down and replaced with the new setup you can see below.

There seems to be two distinct builds this time around, but each features what appears to be moisture vaporators, and building facades that lend themselves to the Tatooine aesthetic. I’m not sure if we’re looking at a Mos Eisley, or a new town that will be featured from the desert planet, but the structures are Mos definitely Tatooine correct.

If anything else, the refreshed set is a great sign of the production moving forward and new content being filmed, so life is good in Star Wars land.

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