Oh how I have come to love this time of week as a Star Wars fan, which is all due to the Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures series from Star Wars Kids. You see, every Friday afternoon, a new short from the series gets released, and they always offer up at least a minute of Star Wars awesomeness.

This week’s entry is no different, and I don’t care if you hate murder bears or not. The short showcases how these little terrorists helped the Rebels turn the tide at the Battle of Endor, but of course their acts are portrayed in a much more hyped up way. I’m talking legit murder bear action, no joke on their name, they look murderous thanks to the visual style and flair of this series.

There’s also a great nod to Captain Rex early on, so see if you can spot him in some familiar looking armor.

If you want more Star Wars creature love, you can also check out this week’s Fun Facts video below. It covers the more cuddly Star Wars creatures to be featured, so of course the Ewoks will be detailed in it.

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