Apparently, if you were on the First Unit crew for Star Wars: Episode IX, you got a cool gift bag with a handwritten note from J.J. Abrams himself. A leaked shot of the gift bag has surfaced online, and while the items the crew got look badass — I’d love a black winter jacket with the IX logo on it — they don’t really hint at anything about the film itself outside of two cryptic bottles that came with the bag.

As you can see from the Reddit image below though, two bottles were included in the gift bags. One had fine sand in it, and the other had black beans.

According to the poster on Reddit, the bottles do have meaning:

“So for those asking about the bottles: The sand, and it is really fine sand is from a sacred place on a familiar planet. The beans are something to do with “A Jedi eater” whatever that means. It’ll all be clear in December and all NDAs aside I really know nothing more apart from they’re are one of the coolest gifts I’ve ever received!”

If you zoom in on the image you can read the tags. The sand bottle says:

From a long, long time ago, not so far away galaxy

If you factor that in with the Reddit post, it sounds like we will see someone head off to Tatooine, because the only other sand planets we know about that would be considered sacred or familiar would be Jakku or Jedha. The latter is half blown up, so that’s probably not it, and Jakku is no man’s land, so I’m going with we are headed back to Tatooine.

The other bottle is much more cryptic, which falls in line with the whole “A Jedi Eater” description:

Swallows you up whole

I don’t think we’re going to see something that literally eats Jedis though. I believe this is a metaphor of sorts for the whole Light and Dark motif being explored in the Skywalker Saga, and that the Dark Side can and will eat Jedi’s and their Light Side whole if they allow it to. The dark beans could also reference Mustafar, which is another sacred place for the Force and the Skywalkers in general.

See Rey versus Kylo in this trilogy. One has allowed the Dark to eat him whole, while the other has resisted and embraced the Light. Who knows, but it’s always fun to speculate, so we will definitely riff on this topic in the next Star Wars Time Show episode.


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