There was once a hope for all of the Star Wars fans out there who wanted an awesome single player, narrative focused game. Visceral games was one of the first studios announced to be working on a Star Wars game. Shortly after that announcement, Amy Hennig, creator of the Uncharted series, joined the Visceral team to head up this project, working title Project Ragtag.

Unfortunately, the brass at EA saw Battle Royale games popping up and taking over the gaming landscape, Fortnite, PUBG, etc. When that happened, they decided to siphon all of the resources from Visceral and Project Ragtag in the hopes of turning Battlefront II into a game that could compete with the BRs out there.

Zach Mumbach, former game dev at Visceral had this to say bout the end of Project Ragtag and Visceral as a studio:

“I think even the company saw that you guys are eventually going to make a crazy good game. I think that at the time when we got shut down, Patrick Sutherland kept talking about [PUBG] and these new experiences, the future experiences. They even sent a press release saying no one cares about single player anymore. They just didn’t feel like there was a ceiling on the single-player experience.”

The only positive thing for Star Wars fans from this experience is that Jedi Fallen Order exceeded all expectations and has proven that single player experiences are still the best way to sell a Star Wars video game experience. Hopefully they will invest more in games like Fallen Order and Project Ragtag in the future, because we all know that another Battlefront is not the way for Star Wars games.

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