It shouldn’t surprise many fans that the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order title has finally been confirmed as the start of a new Star Wars game franchise by EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson, who said as much on a recent earnings call.

Although, this is the first time that the publisher has gone on record about the idea with Wilson saying that Fallen Order is the, “first title in an entirely new franchise.” This is a path most anyone who played the game knew would be inevitable, especially after the sales figures blew away EA’s own projections, but it’s nice to get an official confirmation from EA.

Now in terms of what other titles could come out under the Star Wars Jedi brand we have to figure a sequel is in the works for Fallen Order, but I think there’s potential for the franchise to brand out using the Star Wars Jedi: Fill in the Blank system to weave more awesome Star Wars narratives into action oriented gameplay experiences.

Respawn has also been hiring new members for its Star Wars team, so this news coupled with the hiring definitely means more story based Star Wars adventures are in store. Stay tuned for more on this topic in next week’s episode of the Star Wars Time Show.


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