For now I’d consider this a wild rumor, because while the KRT team may have been slightly vindicated on their Bad Batch call, I still mostly consider them to be fortune teller leakers at this point.

Now if this hits and is exactly as they tease, I’ll come around on them, but for now my pettiness is still strong, I just want to be an interesting Star Wars commentator too! I’m an asshole, but you know this if you listen to the show, and if you don’t, give us a try by using the podcast or YouTube links in the sidebar or top menu of this site.

Anyway, the KRT dudes are now reporting that Donald Glover has been tapped to return to his Lando character for a new Star Wars series. Another leaker also commented that Billy Dee is returning as well, so it sounds like this project could involve the older Lando reminiscing about his past, which in turn would feature the adventures of Glover’s young Lando.

That’s just my guess based on the two rumors, so we could get a flashback style retelling of the Calrissian Chronicles if this is true. Until Lucasfilm confirms this rumor, we will treat it as such though.

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