It is every Star Wars fans’ dream to own a REAL lightsaber. I know I own 2 lightsabers, one of them being a Kylo Ren movie replica, and every night before going to sleep I wish that one day I will be able to turn it on and have a real plasma blade extend from it.

Unfortunately, a true to life lightsaber isn’t possible yet, but it looks like Disney is working on a patent to get us 1 step closer to that dream. Based a find by WDW Info via the US Patent and Trademark Office, Disney is working on a new lightsaber design which will feature a new blade extension and retraction design. This new design will allow the blade to extend and retract from the saber hilt exactly like they do in the movies.

There is currently nothing like this on the open market. Most high-end saber designs feature a blade that is attached and removed via a simple retention screw, and some of the more widely sold sabers, like the Master FX series, don’t allow for the blade to be removed at all.

A quote from the patent filing breaks down the primary use case for the new design.

“Briefly, the inventors recognized that there was a need for a new special effects device that can be used as a theatrical prop, toy, or collector’s item that effectively simulates fictional energy swords including the lightsabers found in many popular films. Particularly, the special effects device (or energy sword, lightsaber prop, or the like) is specially configured to provide an extendable and retractable energy blade that appears to emanate from a handheld hilt due to a lighting effect that appears to provide bright hilt-based lighting.”

There is no indication on whether or not the patent will be approved, but if it is, you can bet that Disney will begin mass producing these bad boys as a way to bolster their already impressive line up of Star Wars merchandise.

For a more in-depth breakdown of the inner workings of the design and more images, you can read through the entire patent filing here.


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