Disney has announced a brand new animated series of shorts that will retell the stories of the original Star Wars movies, and it’s called Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures.

The series was created for young and new Star Wars fans who may not be ready to sit down for the full 2-hour versions of the live-action films. They’ll be shorts, so will only feature key moments from each Star Wars movie, but they will include sounds and dialogue from the films themselves. It is using a very stylized form of animation, that to me looks like Anime, but I don’t want to offend anyone by labeling it that way, so I’ll stick with it being highly stylized. It’s even more unique looking than Star Wars Resistance, which was billed as Star Wars anime. In fact, it looks freaking fantastic thanks to its vibrant colors, hard edges, and over-the-top action.

It is set to debut on November 30 on a brand new Star Wars YouTube channel meant for kids called Star Wars Kids. There will be six shorts initially, but it sounds like more will come. Based on the trailer for Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures, it looks like the Prequels, Originals, and possibly Rogue One will be included, but I’d guess all movies will eventually get the treatment.

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