Shawn Levy, the Director of Stranger Things and the Upcoming Deadpool 3, sat down with Variety to discuss the Hollywood strikes and the effects they’ve had on massive productions and other high-profile projects like his Star Wars film.

In the interview, Levy was asked how he plans to make his Star Wars film feel different from the rest:

When Kathy Kennedy brought me on board to make a “Star Wars” movie, her central mandate to me was “I want a Shawn Levy movie. I want a story and a tone that reflects you and your taste and what you bring to your movies — with a ‘Star Wars’ story.” So I have felt extremely empowered. We are in early days, unfortunately, because the development process was abruptly paused [due to the WGA strike], but I feel very empowered to trust my instincts in the development of this story and movie. 

Shawn Levy – Variety

Shawn was then asked how his work on Deadpool 3 may help him with his Star Wars project:

The experience that I’m currently having with Marvel on “Deadpool” is showing me firsthand that it is indeed really possible to feel empowered and personal about making a movie within a universe that is bigger than any one film. My “Deadpool” movie is turning out to be exactly what Ryan [Reynolds] and I had hoped when we started off. So I’m going into the development of my “Star Wars” movie with a similar optimism, and faith that my instincts will be allowed to lead the way.

Shawn Levy – Variety

Apparently Adam Driver and Shawn are close, so he was then asked about the potential of Kylo Ren returning in a prequel film:

Your words, not mine! As you know Adam is a buddy, and I’ve always been a huge fan of Kylo Ren. But no comment. 

Shawn Levy – Variety

Quite frankly, a prequel to the sequels may just be the right move for fans and creatives, but only time and the resolution of the SAG-AFTRA strike will tell.

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