Diego Luna sat down with the EW’s Star Wars podcast to talk about Andor Season 2 and some of the challenges its time jumps present for himself and the cast.

In particular, he talks about Cassian’s arc and what fans should expect to see from the character now that he’s fully committed to the rebellion.

[Cassian] has to understand what this fight means. He’s waking up. But now he has to learn the language, understand his abilities, and the need that is out there. He has to learn to be a spy. He has to learn what he’s capable and not capable of doing. And he has to understand teamwork in a way that we don’t see in the first season. And he has to grow. He has to grow four years. That’s a long time.

Diego Luna – EW

Fans should see the character inch even more closer to the ice cold spy assassin that was featured in Rogue One, and it sounds like handling the time jumps in between each three-episode arc felt a bit like making that film.

It’s pretty much set by the writing … But it’s like we’re back to where we started, like in Rogue One. There’s a backstory we have to fill. There’s some backstory that is written or thought by Tony [Gilroy]. And there’s another [backstory] you have to build …

It’s kinda cool. We’re going back to the way we did the film. It says what happens, but not necessarily what [the character witnessed] before. And that blank space is cool to fill. That’s our job.

Diego Luna – EW

Andor Season 2 should hit Disney+ Sometime in late 2024.

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