Diego Luna, the star of the Andor series for Disney+, recently spoke about the project with Deadline, and he made a promise of sorts for fans of Star Wars and Rogue One, the film that first introduced Cassian Andor to the Star Wars public.

While he didn’t offer up any juicy plot details, he did proclaim that “You’ll definitely see familiar faces,” so fans should expect to have a few “Hey it’s so-and-so from that other Star Wars thing!,” moments while watching Andor when it drops in 2022.

Based on cast interviews, the cast itself, and rumors, a few of these familiar faces should be easily guessable, including Mon Mothma, who we know will return based on official casting news.

We learned from an interview that Saw Guerra will be featured as well, so there’s at least two familiar faces. We’ve speculated on the show that Krennic and even Galen Erso would make for solid Andor cameos too, so based on what we do know and Luna’s quote, I think fans should expect to see a lot of established characters in this series considering its timeline and the narratives it will explore.

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