Someone has posted an excerpt from the latest issue of the D23 magazine which features an interview with Dee Bradley Baker, who will be voicing the entire main cast himself. In the article, Baker dropped some interesting quotes about the show’s story, and it sounds like all fans will be satisfied regardless of their knowledge of The Clone Wars, the Batch, or Star Wars in general.

You can click on the Reddit block above to go see the scanned article for yourself, but below I’ve captures some of the juicier quotes.

Baker: It takes what we found in The Clone Wars to another level of depth and awesomeness. It’s real Star Wars in the best possible sense.

Baker: You have this gang of really interesting super soldiers, and what they end up being asked to do is also a lot of fun and very, very interesting.

Baker: It’s an amazingly dramatic and satisfying series or story for anyone, whether you know Star Wars or not – but especially if you love Star Wars.

Baker: A fan who has paid attention to where things ended in The Clone Wars, might be able to guess where things are going to start in The Bad Batch.

D23 Magazine

Like I said, he doesn’t offer any pertinent details, but his quotes are enticing none the less. I still contend that the Bad Batch will tell a few tales that relate to the current live action Star Wars projects, so bank on getting more Fennec backstory, and there’s also potential for Grogu, Ahsoka, and even Rex to make an appearance. I wouldn’t be surprised if we get some Wolffe and Gregor resolutions as well.

Ultimately, I think they will initially be asked to hunt down the remaining Jedi by Tarkin himself, and on that hunt they’ll start to realize that things aren’t on the up and up, so they’ll either go rogue on the mission, or go rogue before it, which in turn will kick off their main adventure.

The Bad Batch hits D+ on May 4th!

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