Dave Filoni sat down with THR to discuss his journey at Lucasfilm, and among one of the topics he discussed was Grogu’s fate beyond the Mando-verse timeline.

Dave was asked if he’s considered where Grogu would be during the sequel trilogy timeline and has said:

That’s a great question, and we talk about many different things. That’s a question for a bunch of characters by the way, not just Grogu. Where are they during these events? If anything, having made The Clone Wars and weaving a tale so intricately between two movies that were much closer together, I’ve learned that there’s expansive room in this galaxy for us to tell stories and have characters doing things.

As a kid, when Yoda said, “When gone am I, the last of the Jedi will you be,” to Luke, I took that very literally. Well, now we know that’s anything but true. There are many different people that could wield the force, and maybe Luke is the last Jedi as far as what Yoda would consider a Jedi. So we’ll just have to wait and see how the story evolves and what makes sense. But in my experience, there’s definitely a way to weave everything together and make it exciting. It’s possible it would never even have to cross over with what we saw [in the sequel trilogy] if the story has us somewhere else.

Dave Filoni – THR

He does make a good point about Clone Wars, which spanned seven seasons, yet it only covered a three year period, so the fact that the Mando-verse has at least 30 years to work with leaves plenty of room for stories that would never butte into the Sequels.

On the other hand he’s giving a complete non-answer, because a character like Grogu more than likely would be at least discussed by the time with Sequels came around considering his species and abilities. Plus, he’s still be less than 100 years old, so he’d be very young for his kind and should be present if not dead.

For now, if we keep getting quality Mando-verse content, it’s not worth worrying about how these characters fit into the future quite yet.

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