The beacon of light, Jedi Knight Revan, has already brought peace and justice to Galaxy of Heroes, but now, the vile Sith Lord Darth Revan has come to wreak havoc on the holotable.

Probably one of the most anticipated character releases in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, Darth Revan, is finally here, but as with all of the Legendary heroes or villains in SW:GOH, it won’t be easy to acquire him. You will need full 7 start Bastilla Shan (Dark), Carth Onasi, Canderous Ordo, HK-47, and Juhani, not to mention a substantial gear level to unlock the ultimate evil that is Revan.

Luckily, for those of us who are eons away from unlocking him, Capital Games decided to give us a taste of his power with an unlocked beginning level of his Legenday journey which pits Darth Revan against a series of challengers on Taris. This is meant to introduce a bit of Revan lore to newcomers and show old fans what they are going to be missing out on.

The Scourge of the Old Republic event will be live until April 2nd, so get to grinding!

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