The release of The Rise of Skywalker is quickly approaching, which means the actors are aggressively hitting the interview circuits to build hype and buzz for the film ahead of the December 19th release date.

Daisy Ridley spoke with Total Film specifically about Rey’s potential turn to the Dark Side and how she dealt with that during filming.

“It’s fucking awesome. I already had an amazing emotional story. But, when [Darth Rey] was pitched, I was like, ‘That sounds amazing.’ It’s fun to do something a bit different.”

It isn’t very common to witness the turn from light to dark for characters in the Star Wars universe. It has happened in the off-screen past for some character, Count Dooku for example, but the only true turn to the Dark Side that we have ever seen on screen is with the Chosen One himself, Anakin Skywalker. Ridley went on to discuss what Rey as a character is dealing with in the film and also how she would like to viewers to feel in that time.

“The whole of Star Wars is about good and evil. With every character, you see some struggle. So, in a way, no. Because it’s the most human thing to see someone struggle with two things within them that are pulling them both ways. If you understand why someone is going on the journey, you will be on the journey regardless. So, hopefully, you’re shocked in a fun way, but you’re also emotionally with her.”

The final film in the Skywalker saga is sure to illicit emotions on many fronts, so we can definitely expect J.J. Abrams to explore each of the new characters in as much depth as possible to ensure an amazing close to the series.

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