Star Wars has infiltrated pretty much every consumer goods market over the years, and while some of these partnerships have resulted in weak cash grabs with inferior products, Columbia’s upcoming line of Boba Fett infused outerwear definitely is not of the junk variety.

Starting on December 12th, fans will be able to try and secure a Boba Fett infused jacket, a hoodie, a hat, and a T-shirt from Columbia. The clothing will cost you though, because someone has to pay for the Star Wars licensing fee, so the cheapest Fett collection wearable is the $40 hat, which is $10 cheaper than the $50 T-shirt.

The impressive looking interchangeable jacket will set you back a whopping $450, while the item I’m eyeing, the hoodie, will retail for $120.

All items will got on sale on 12/3 via Columbia’s site, and at some retail locations. Hit the previous link for more details on all of the Boba Fett Collection gear.

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