The notion of a Clone Wars era flashback being featured in the Obi-Wan Kenobi series shouldn’t surprise most Star Wars fans, even Ewan McGregor confirmed he and Hayden shot scenes as Jedis, but thanks to Making Star Wars, we now know a bit more about one of the main flashbacks that will occur in the series.

Do not proceed unless you like, or hate to like spoiling Star Wars for yourselves. This is a rabbit hole we are far down now, so here we go.

MSW reports that while he doesn’t know how many flashbacks will take place, because it sounds like there will be a few small ones featured, he does have some insights into what he considers to be the “main” flashback.

Learning from the Past

Based on MSW’s report from last week on the final duel that will be between Kenobi and Vader in this series, we learned that their first encounter doesn’t go so well for Obi-Wan. He has to retreat and regroup, and can’t fight Vader just with intensity and power. It’s at this time that he looks within himself for memories on how to best confront his former Padawan by flashing back to a moment during the Clone Wars.

MSW speculates that this particular flashback may happen around the series’ fifth episode, and it will feature the pair shortly after the events of Attack of the Clones. Apparently both Hayden and Ewan will be de-aged for this flashback and they will be in a dojo of sorts at the Jedi Temple.

Obi-Wan will be teaching Anakin lightsaber techniques and the two will be sparring, but as brothers and friends and not enemies. They will be shit talking each other’s skills like brothers and friends would do. MSW explained the scene as lighthearted and fun, and a glimpse at the times before the dark side took over young Skywalker and the galaxy itself.

While the scene is meant to be a warm memory for Obi-Wan, it will also allow him to strategize better for his next battle with Vader. One can assume that he will remember a few weaknesses in Anakin’s skillset that will help him get the upper-hand when they meet for their second fight in the Kenobi series.

All of this should add new light to many of the quotes Vader throws at Old Ben on the Death Star in A New Hope, and while some fans think this series may ruin those moments, the way the plot is shaping up should prove otherwise.

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