The first official image for the Darth Vader Black Series Hyperreal figure have been released, and it offers up a good look at this new line from Hasbro that will feature slightly larger figures than the traditional Black Series line.

This Vader stands 8-inches tall, so it is 1/9 scale compared to the standard 1/12 scale figures in the Black Series line. As you can see he has soft goods too, which collectors always love.

The price point though is a little suspect. Apparently this guy will retail for around $80, but if this is the final sculpt, many could argue that it’s not worth that price point. Something about Vader’s helmet seems way off, and quite frankly, the cape looks like it was made by someone in a middle school home economics class.

Sometimes the final version of a figure will improve over its initial glamour shots, but within the toy circles I hang in, this Hyperreal Vader isn’t going over too well.


No word on when this figure and others from the Hyperreal line will hit retail, so stay tuned.

Via Yakface

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