If you’re headed out to San Diego for SDCC this July, there will be plenty of Star Wars exclusives to try and score. Some of them will be very limited, while others will probably not run out, but we wanted to highlight a few of the cooler looking collectibles that will be at the show. You know, the ones that will probably sell out first.

Kenner-Inspired 6-inch Boba Fett ($27)
Booth #3329 and online
Star Wars Concept Sandtrooper 1/6 Scale Mini-Bust ($120)
Booth #2607
Luke Skywalker Jedi Destiny 3-Pack ($54)
Booth #3329 and online
Mouse Droid Character Car ($10)
Booth #2945
Character Bag Clips ($25)
Booth #3645
Special Edition Prototype Darth Vader (Entertainment Earth exclusive, Booth #2343) ($12.99)
Han Solo in Carbonite Pin Set ($15)
Booth #4437 & #815
Medal of Yavin ($75)
Booth #4437 & #815
“A Wild Ride on Endor” Keepsake Ornament ($40)
Booth #2913-T
Boba Fett PerfectShaker ($14.99)
Booth #1122
Jabba’s Dais Gargoyle Magnet ($20; $29 at RegalRobot.com during SDCC)
Booth #2913-E
“Born to Rebel” Queen Amidala Pre-Order
Booth #2913
Rebels 2-Pack ($40)
Empire 2-Pack ($40)
Blueprint 4-Pack ($100)
Booth #2913-G

Skywalker Sentry Chrono ($350)
Skywalker Cinch bag ($25)
Booth #2913-I

Yoda (Green Chrome) Pop! (shared exclusive with Amazon) ($15)
Boba Fett (Green Chrome) Pop! (shared exclusive with FYE) ($15)
Booth #5841

“Shiny Return” Color Variant ($65) and Echo Base Root Beer Color Variant ($55) by Steve Thomas
Booth #5629

There will be at least one more reveal via the official Star Wars site before the show kicks off, so stay tuned for details.

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