Yesterday we got our first look at how Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will play, and the gameplay reveal didn’t disappoint in the least. Please check out Nick’s write up and the Fallen Order gameplay video if you haven’t seen them yet, because they’ll provide context for the screenshots below.

Anyway, the gameplay reveal has made the SWT Team quite happy, because it looks fantastic. While we want to pigeon hole this game into an existing genre, or compare it to other titles while we explain it, it does look rather unique in terms of the style of play it offers.

I noticed hints of Force Unleashed, Uncharted, and even Dark Souls, but not once did I just feel like I was watching a clone of either game. Rather Fallen Order appears to be a hybrid of the formulas used in each of those titles with its own spin on them, which in the end, should result in a pretty stellar, and quite fresh Star Wars video game experience.

That is something we all need, because we really haven’t had a Star Wars gaming experience like that since the original Force Unleashed, which came out over 10 freaking years ago!

Let’s keep looking to the Force on this one my friends because I don’t think this game is going to let us down, and I hope it also reminds the industry why gamers need more story-driven titles overall, at least in the Star Wars space. Enough with the loot-based bullshit. Enough with the multiplayer only games! Let’s get back to telling awesome narratives in an interactive way!

Two fingers waving – Respawn, you will make a great Star Wars game…

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