It seems as if Greef Carga will make it out of The Mandalorian Season 1, which is thanks to a recent interview with Carl Weathers. While talking to GamesRadar, the actor revealed that his character’s past will be further explored in the show’s second season.

“I think [Greef’s backstory] is more saved for season two, but you get some glimpses at Greef and who he is through the stories in the first season. There’s some real strong indications that give you some idea of who he is. But we never let on completely.”

Carl Weathers – GamesRadar

First off, yay for more Greef, because he seems like a cool character that has a bit more to him than what we’ve seen so far. Plus, I think he and Mando had great chemistry on screen. But what stands out to me in his statement is how he framed it. Is he saying we will find out who he is in terms of the type of person Greef is, or as in a character we may have heard about in the past?

I’m leaning towards the former, so this is probably just me trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill, but his choice of words can be analyzed for their meaning.

We will definitely see him again this season, at least based on some trailer footage of him standing on the Bounty Hunter guild planet with three other bounty hunters behind him as he seems to be looking at Mando landing again.

Who knows, maybe we will see him as soon as tomorrow, because in case you forgot, it’s almost new Mando Day!

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