Hasbro hosted a fan event livestream today, and on it the toy company showed off a bunch of upcoming Star Wars collectibles, with a heavy dose of new 6″ Black Series figures.

UPDATE – A few of the items can now be pre-ordered from Entertainment Earth! Our buddies over at Exclu Magazine have more images and pre-order links for the Amazon Exclusives, but they’re currently out of stock already.

The event just ended, so we don’t have any official images or pre-order links and release dates, but I will update this post with those details when they are available.

For now though, you can check out some of the reveals courtesy of Fantha Tracks on IG. I’m most intrigued by the Dagobah Luke that has been re-scaled, but I’m digging the new Trooper build, and there’s a chance that Carbo Vader looks pretty damn rad in hand. I’ll be collecting them all regardless.

New Model Trooper

Single version of Trooper Luke

Kamino Clone

Carbonized Vader

Updated Bounty Bros

Dagobah Luke

Proto Fett Helmet

Han in Carbonite

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