One of the best parts of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is grinding out character shards and gear in order to get everything you need to fight for that legendary hero you have been eyeing for a while. Unlocking Commander Luke Skywalker was a fantastic moment for me, and now, you and I both have another new legendary hero to fight for, C-3PO.

Yes, you heard that right, C-3PO is getting the legendary hero treatment in Galaxy of Heroes. The event starts on December 14th and will require you to have a full 7 star Ewok team and fight off all of the iconic Rebel heroes, including  a new look Endor Leia, in order to get your hands on old goldenrod.

There is no info on what 3PO’s kit will look like in the game, but we can assume that info will be released shortly before the event starts.

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