If you want to gain some insights from the creators of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, then check out the new Clone Wars Download featurette below, which covers the latest episode, “A Distant Echo”.

In the video, cast and crew members discuss key parts of the episode, so you get detailed insights from the likes of Dave Filoni and the voice actors who bring Kenobi, Anakin, and the Clones to life. This one in particular goes into Anakin’s call to Padme and how Kenobi and Rex know about their relationship, but not the full extent, which Filoni talks about.

It’s a pretty informative video if you like The Clone Wars and want to know as much as possible about the episodes in its final season, so we will probably start covering them from here on out, but don’t forget about our own TCW vids covering the Easter eggs and recapping the major events from each new episodes.

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