In a sit down with Romper, Bryce Dallas Howard, who has become a fan-favorite Star Wars director, shared some intriguing insights into her Star Wars life, but more importantly she teased what fans can expect from the Ahsoka series.

Before we get to that though, she first explained how she got mixed up with Star Wars in the first place, and it sounds like a dream for most of us die hard fans considering her Dad was buddies with George Lucas. Just imagine if your family was close friends with the Maker! She said this led to her getting a lot of Star Wars figures for Christmas, which was her first foray into the universe.

She went on to explain that she had another awesome connnection to the universe through Natalie Portman:

“I learned about Star Wars first through the toys. And when I was old enough to watch the movies, of course we watched the movies. And then I got even luckier, because when I was 15 years old, I went to a summer camp, and one of my friends at that summer camp is a woman named Natalie Portman.

And right after we were at this camp together, she went and filmed the prequels. Since I knew George and I was friends with Natalie, and she was pretty young, she wanted to have a friend come out and visit. And so I got to go out to the set.”


BDH’s early Star Wars life is one most fans would probably give a limb up for, but it’s also probably why she knows how to direct Star Wars live-action TV shows.

Now for the Ahsoka quote, which is a juicy one. Apparently, the reporter’s kid was also at this interview, and it was brought up that he loves The Clone Wars. In response, BDH hit him with this bit of knowledge:

“Without giving anything away, you are going to love the Ahsoka show that’s coming up. I cannot tell you anything, but what I can say is that you being a fan of The Clone Wars will be greatly rewarded.”


This is great news, but also a bit interesting considering that most fans have figured that Star Wars Rebels would have more connective tissue to Ahsoka than The Clone Wars thanks to the Thrawn drop in The Mandalorian.

With that being said, the fact that Hayden is also going to be in this series could mean that we get flashbacks to the Clone Wars timeline to witness moments between Master and Padwan. That would be pretty legit, but I guess if Rex shows up, or even the Martez sisters, they would count as Clone Wars era connections too.

No matter how you slice it, it sounds like Dave Filoni is planning on rewarding Star Wars animation fans with the Ahsoka series. Also, the fact that BDH knows enough about Ahsoka to make a comment like she did above could imply that she will possibly direct an episode, so stay tuned for that announcement if it happens.

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