Brie Larson has been a breath of fresh air on YouTube since she joined about 2-3 months ago. She posts very frequently and her content is very fun and personable, much different than her Scott Pilgrim alter ego Envy.

In one of her most recent updates, she reveals that she auditioned for every single new Star Wars film that she could, but as we all know, she did not make the cut. She auditioned for Rey in TFA, Jyn in Rogue One, and Q’ira in Solo.

While this isn’t necessarily a missed casting or a blunder by Lucasfilm, it is interesting to see that someone who is so popular now once had difficulty landing roles.

She also revealed many other projects that she missed out on like Tomorrowland, Gossip Girl, and the Hunger Games.

Luckily for Brie, she landed the role of Captain Marvel and is now one of the lynch pins in Marvel’s post Endgame universe.

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