Apparently, John Boyega started a new Throwback Thursday theme last week on his IG account to show off fun little set videos he took while filming The Rise of Skywalker, which means he definitely didn’t follow any rules Lucasfilm and Disney gave him, but that’s why we love him.

Last week’s video is a gem, as it features him and Joonas on the Falcon set getting ready to rebel somewhere, but this week’s may be even better.

He managed to capture three of the four main droids from the movie having a little dance-off while shooting on the Kijimi set. It features BB-8, D-0, and a half dressed 3P0 drinking some coffee while getting in on the fun. It’s just a heartwarming, fun video to watch, so I hope John keeps these posts up. If he does we will be sharing them here, or directly to our socials, so get linked up using the social buttons in the menu above.

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Throwback to a sweet moment ❤️

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