Hasbro hosted a reveal event today for the Star Wars Black Series and Vintage collection lines and among the new reveals was a Bodhi Rook Black Series figure, which fans have been wanting for years now.

Thanks to Fantha Tracks, we have some decent image galleries and vids to showcase the new Hasbro reveals, so head on down below.

One would think that the non-exclusive figures will be available to buy from the usual retailers like Entertainment Earth, so make sure to bookmark that link for when these go live. If the exclusives are going live on 6/10, I’d assume the standard figures will open up for pre-orders as well.

Black Series Reveals

In addition to the first ever Bodhi Rook Black Series figure, Hasbro also revealed a new Galen Erso and Antoc Merrick Black Series figures too. Unfortunately, those two are exclusives to Target here in the U.S., so have fun trying to lock them down when they release tomorrow (6/10) at 1pm.

There were also a bunch of Archive series reveals with new photoreal head sculpts, which include Princess Leia, Obi-Wan Kenobi (ROTS), 501st Clone, and Darth Revan.

The previously released Rogue One Black Series figures are also being re-released with new photoreal head sculpts, which were needed I might add, so fans who bought the first round may want to consider handing them down to younger collectors to make room for the much improved looking sculpts.


The final reveals were just of the pipeline variety, but you can see that a bunch of Mando S2 figures will be coming down the line, and they all look to be must haves!

The Vintage Collection Reveals

In terms of the Vintage Collection, four new figs were revealed and three of them are from The Mandalorian. These include Kuil, Bo-Katan, and Mythrol. The fourth is a Hoth Rebel Soldier.

The fan vote figure was also revealed with details on its exclusivity.

And TVC pipeline reveals!


HasLab Updates

Hasbro also showed off a series of updates for its HasLab division. These included a few new videos of the Razorcrest, and a tease for a new HasLab project that won’t be a vehicle. Apparently more information on that one will release down the road.

Hasbro also announced that more Black Series and Vintage Collection reveals will be going down later this month.

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